Expect Democrats To Move At Breakneck Speed Following The Blueprints Of The Soviet Union, Venezuela (

The crackdown on America

The country is under a once distant threat that is bullying its way through our culture. Big Government, Big Tech, academia, and entertainment are the four pillars that are destroying our countries foundations. Hell-bent on the destruction of our basic liberties, the progressive socialists, are following the blueprints of the one-time Soviet Union, Venezuela, and other regimes of the past. 

Part of this blueprint is the canceling of our fundamental liberties. The Chinese virus is but the start of this tyranny. Following the rigged election of China Joe Biden, we are now hearing for the leftists a call for revenge. In academia, professors of public policy at Duke Bill Adair, also the founder of the far-leftist Politifact, and Philip Napoli have argued that there is a need for the government to decide what speech will be permitted. In their ivory tower, the poor snowflakes can not accept that there may be someone with ideas different from what they believe. They can’ handle disagreement but opt for the censorship of those they feel are below the. 

What do you think?

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